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If you searched out the definition of “never giving up,” you would find Juleigh Ed. She possesses the fortitude, focus, and drive that success requires. Juleigh, a striking lady with a lot of spunk, has been on the stage singing, dancing, and acting since she was a child.  It seemed that her dream of becoming a performer was fading away as she entered into the workforce at a local, small-town bank.

Miserable at her job because she knew there was more; fate gave her life a spin. She met a cowboy passing through on business at the same time she had decided to give up her bank job to pursue her singing career.

“We fell in love and put our dreams together that very night,” Juleigh said.

AJ, her husband and professional horse trainer, began managing her career; together they started a horse ranch and cabin retreat. They were met with many obstacles and hardships, but through perseverance, they overcame and have been enjoying their rodeo ever since. The hard times produced a grit in Juleigh that is evident in her songs and performances. When she performs, there is a sweet vulnerability, but don’t mistake her vulnerability for a weakness; Juleigh is strong!

Over the years, Juleigh Ed has entertained small groups, like girl scout troops at their horse ranch, to entertaining the elderly at nursing homes, and even on larger stages around the world. She’s a small-town girl whose dream is never too big for even the smallest crowd of fans. From New York City to the stage of The Grand Ole Opry and touring throughout the mid-West, Juleigh’s heart is in performing for her audience. Her most honorable moment was when she entertained 15,000 Marines on Christmas day just 15 miles from the Iraqi border.

Juleigh has just finished her Christmas album, to which AJ says, “This is some of the best work Juleigh has sung.”


The original Christmas songs are magical and are written by her dear friends Miss Jody and Wild Bill Emerson. She is currently working on her new country-soul album which is sure to kick butt! This up and coming album is soulful and the songs send a strong and sensitive message about the ups and downs of love and life.


Juliegh Ed is recharged, ready, and looking forward to performing, with her manager and cowboy man, AJ, by her side.

“As long as we are happy and love what we are doing, we will continue to pursue our dream. “

– AJ

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